Quantum and classical phases in optomechanics

Author(s): F. Armata, L. Latmiral, I. Pikovski, M. R. Vanner, Č. Brukner, M. S. Kim

Journal: Phys. Lett. A

Volume: 93

Page(s): 063862

Year: 2016

DOI Number: http://dx.doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevA.93.063862

Link: Link to publication


The control of quantum systems requires the ability to change and read-out the phase of a system. The noncommutativity of canonical conjugate operators can induce phases on quantum systems, which can be employed for implementing phase gates and for precision measurements. Here we study the phase acquired by a radiation field after its radiation pressure interaction with a mechanical oscillator, and compare the classical and quantum contributions. The classical description can reproduce the nonlinearity induced by the mechanical oscillator and the loss of correlations between mechanics and optical field at certain interaction times. Such features alone are therefore insufficient for probing the quantum nature of the interaction. Our results thus isolate genuine quantum contributions of the optomechanical interaction that could be probed in current experiments.

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