VCQ Summer School 2024 Registration

VCQ Summer School 2024: Registration

Thank you for your interest in our Summer School!

Please make sure you provide us with a current billing address so we can issue you the invoice with the registration fee. If you cannot attend the Summer School after all please cancel your registration before August 26th 2024. Otherwise you will still be charged the registration fee. 

    After successful registration you will receive an invoice within the next 2 weeks. If your institution is paying for the conference fee please make sure to give us the correct billing address here. Thank you.

    By entering my personal data on the website, I consent to the processing and usage of this data for the purpose of conference logistics and conference contributions. My personal data will be passed on to the local organizing team and supporting administrative staff. I am informed that I can revoke this consent at any time. I am also aware that the event may be filmed and/or photographed for educational and promotional purposes.

    You want ECTS points?

    If you want to claim your ECTS points for this event please ALSO register through this link until February 27th 2024, 7 am, the latest. 

    If you are not a UniVie student but also want to receive ECTS points for this: You will have to co-register at UniVie and register through the link below.