VCQ Application

Application Procedure

Our next joint VCQ & quantA PhD Call will open on May 21st 2024 !

stay tuned!

VCQ is now part of the QuantA Cluster of Excellence and therefore this call is also open for positions at the University of Innsbruck and the Johannes Kepler University Linz. You can apply for all PIs listed on the bottom of this page. Check their websites. In the application form you are asked to choose 3 of those as your preferred research groups.

Applying for the VCQ PHD SCHOOL is a two step process:

First Step

In a first step,
each applicant must complete the following:

Letters of Recommendation

Each applicant must have TWO letters of recommendation from separate academic advisors. For this purpose, each applicant must choose a unique ID while submitting the Application form.

Both advisers must refer to this ID while filling out the Recommendation form and upload a letter of recommendation.

It is the applicants‘ responsibility to inform their academic advisors about the deadlines and submission procedure of the recommendation form and letter. The academic advisors should submit their recommendation form and letter within the application deadline!

Second Step

A pre-selection process by the faculty members will be based on the online applications. Only complete applications (i.e., including two recommendation letters) will be considered. Pre-selected candidates will be invited for a the hearing.

Hearings will be held in February 2024 VIA ZOOM

Dates & Deadlines


opens November 2023

application deadline: 8th January 2024


13th & 14th of February 2024
(Hearings will be held via zoom)

VCQ Faculty members to apply for in this current call:

Hartmut Abele (TU Wien) – Neutron and Quantum Physics

Markus Arndt (University of Vienna) – Quantum Nanophysics and Molecular Quantum Optics

Markus Aspelmeyer (University of Vienna, ÖAW) – Quantum Foundations and Quantum Information on the Nano- and Microscale

Iva Brezinova (TU Wien) – Time-Dependent Quantum Systems

Carlos Gonzalez-Ballestero (TU Wien) – Hybrid Quantum Systems

Yuji Hasegawa (TU Wien ) – Neutron and Quantum Physics

Philipp Haslinger (TU Wien) – Atom Interferometry

Marcus Huber (TU Wien) – Quantum Information and Thermodynamics

Tim Langen (TU Wien) – Cold Molecules and Quantum Technologies

Julian Leonard (TU Wien) – Experimental Quantum Information

Andreas Nunnenkamp (UNiversity of Vienna) – Quantum Control and Quantum Many-Body Physics

Jörg Schmiedmayer (TU Wien) – Quantum Many Body physics and Atom Chips

Sarah Bayer-Skoff (University of Vienna) – Solid-state quantum optics and nanophotonics

Karl Unterrainer (TU Wien) – Quantum Optoelectronics

Philipp Walther (University of Vienna) – Quantum Information Sciences and Quantum Computation

quantA Faculty members to apply for in this current call:

Francesca Ferlaino (University of Innsbruck, ÖAW) –

Hanns-Christoph Nägerl (University of Innsbruck) –

Tracy Northup (University of Innsbruck) –

Philipp Schindler (University of Innsbruck) –

Armando Rastelli (Johannes Kepler University Linz) –

Please be aware that as of now ALL VDS applications for any quantum group has to go through the VCQ path as described here. So please submit your application via this application form.

If your application is successfull and you will become part of a Quantum group at the University of Vienna, you will automatically be a member of VDSP. If you have any questions regarding this please do not hesitate to contact us on:

Please read before applying:

  • Please: do not fill out the application form in capital letters. It makes it really hard to read for us (and to be honest it feels like we are being yelled at)
  • of course you can ask ChatGPT to write your motivation letter. But we do prefer you to do it. 
  • make sure to choose an application ID that is easy to remember for you and recommenders. Only so can we assure that application and recommendation letters find each other
  • the recommendation form is usually open another week after the application deadline in order to give late applicants a fair chance ot have their recommendation letters submitted
  • If you have any questions regarding your application or want / need some changes, please contact us on: