VCQ Foundational Aspects of Quantum Mechanics

Foundational Aspects of Quantum Mechanics

The field of Quantum Foundations explores the most counterintuitive insights given by the fundamental questions in quantum physics, with the ambition to better comprehend the theory, to reformulate it, and to propose generalizations that will be relevant for the understanding of our world. Indeed, many of the fundamental questions that were posed in the 1920’s when quantum mechanics was laid down, are yet to be answered. The pursuit of these answers has in time opened up a large variety of surprising paths, from quantum communication and computing to quantum sensing, and will be of paramount importance both for its applications and for combining it with other physical theories like General Relativity.


PI: Borivoje Dakić


PI: Yuji Hasegawa

Photo © Laurent Thion, ILL

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PI: Beatrix Hiesmayr