VCQ Colloquium Talk,Events,News Monday, 19 June, VCQ Colloquium Talk by Cindy Regal

Monday, 19 June, VCQ Colloquium Talk by Cindy Regal

We are glad to present  

Cindy Regal

JILA – University of Colorado Boulder

Monday, 19 June 2023 at 18:00

Helmut Rauch Lecture Hall, Atominstitut TU Wien (Stadionallee 2, 1020 Wien)

Time-of-flight quantum tomography of an atom in an optical tweezer

Quantum control of mechanical motion has been achieved in a surprising range of platforms in the past decades. These mechanical quantum systems have both piqued the curiosity of physicists, and enabled new approaches to difficult tasks in manipulating quantum information. Trapped particles offer one opportunity to study isolated quantum motion. Laser-cooled ions routinely demonstrate intriguing phonon control, and recent experiments have now brought trapped dielectric nanoparticles to their quantum ground state. In this talk I present how observing a particle after a time of flight combined with trap evolution can map the full motional quantum state of a trapped particle without the use of a controlled spin degree of freedom. I will describe this intuitive method through experiments with a single neutral atom in a non-classical state of motion of an optical tweezer trap.

Host: Johannes Fink (ISTA)

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18:00 – VCQ Student Talk

18:15 – VCQ Colloquium talk by Prof. Regal

***After the talk VCQ BBQ at the courtyard of the Atominstitut***

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