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Experimental quantum teleportation over a high-loss free-space channel

Author(s): X.-S. Ma, S. Kropatschek, W. Naylor, T. Scheidl, J. Kofler, T. Herbst, A. Zeilinger, R. Ursin

Journal: Optics Express

Volume: 20

Page(s): 23126-23137

Year: 2012

DOI Number: 10.1364/OE.20.023126

Link: Link to publication


We present a high-fidelity quantum teleportation experiment over a high-loss free-space channel between two laboratories. We teleported six states of three mutually unbiased bases and obtained an average state fidelity of 0.82(1), well beyond the classical limit of 2/3. With the obtained data, we tomographically reconstructed the process matrices of quantum teleportation. The free-space channel attenuation of 31 dB corresponds to the estimated attenuation regime for a down-link from a low-earth-orbit satellite to a ground station. We also discussed various important technical issues for future experiments, including the dark counts of single-photon detectors, coincidence-window width etc. Our experiment tested the limit of performing quantum teleportation with state-of-the-art resources. It is an important step towards future satellite-based quantum teleportation and paves the way for establishing a worldwide quantum communication network.

Note: http://arxiv.org/abs/1210.1282

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