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Experimental test of photonic entanglement in accelerated reference frames

Author(s): M. Fink, J. Handsteiner, F. Steinlechner, T. Scheidl, I. Fuentes, J. Pienaar, T. C. Ralph, R. Ursin, A. Rodriguez-Aramendia, A. Ziarkash

Journal: Nature communications

Volume: 8

Page(s): 15304 (2017)

Year: 2017

DOI Number: 10.1038/ncomms15304

Link: Link to publication


The unification of the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics is a long-standing challenge in contemporary physics. Experimental techniques in quantum optics have only recently reached the maturity required for the investigation of quantum systems under the influence of non-inertial motion, such as being held at rest in gravitational fields, or subjected to uniform accelerations. Here, we report on experiments in which a genuine quantum state of an entangled photon pair is exposed to a series of different accelerations. We measure an entanglement witness for g-values ranging from 30 mg to up to 30 g—under free-fall as well on a spinning centrifuge—and have thus derived an upper bound on the effects of uniform acceleration on photonic entanglement.

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