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Comment on: Testing the speed of 'spooky action at a distance'

Author(s): J. Kofler, R. Ursin, Č. Brukner

Journal: arXiv: quant-ph

Page(s): 0810.4452

Year: 2008

DOI Number: -

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In a recent experiment, Salart et al. addressed the important issues of the speed of hypothetical communication and of reference frames in Bell-type experiments. The authors report that they "performed a Bell experiment using entangled photons" and conclude from their experimental results that "to maintain an explanation based on spooky action at a distance we would have to assume that the spooky action propagates at speeds even greater than the bounds obtained in our experiment", exceeding the speed of light by orders of magnitude. Here we show that, analyzing the experimental procedure, explanations with subluminal or even no communication at all exist for the experiment.

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