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Quantum Physics and Quantum Communication - Ursin Group
Quantum Physics and Quantum Communication – Ursin Group


The main research interest is to develop ideas and technologies needed to perform space-based experiments involving quantum information techniques. Numerous project partners in the various fields (academic as well as industrial) together with national space agencies and the european space agency (ESA) are involved in this project. Contacts to Japan, China and USA are a enabling ingredient to perform global quantum communication.

We intend to explore the possibilities to send, receive and manipulate single entangled photon pairs using telescopes, reflectors and high-power lasers over a distance of some tens of kilometers up to 100 kilometers experimentally. A distance of approx. 10 kilometer would already correspond to one atmospheric equivalent and would thus imply the feasibility of installing a ground to satellite link. We are already collaborating with European Space Agency ESA, to investigate and outline the accommodation of a quantum communication terminal in existing optical terminals for satellite communication. We are also investigating the experimental requirements for an optical ground station as a receiver or transmitter in quantum communication schemes to and from satellites.


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