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Atomic clock with a nuclear transition: solid state approach at TU Wien

Author(s): G.A. Kazakov, M. Schreitl, G. Winkler, J.H. Sterba, G. Steinhauser, Thorsten Schumm

Journal: arXiv: physics.atom-ph

Page(s): 1110.0741

Year: 2011

DOI Number: --

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The nucleus of 229Thorium presents a unique isomer state of very low energy and long lifetime, current estimates are around 7.8 eV and seconds to hours respectively. This nuclear transitions therefore is a promising candidate for a novel type of frequency standard and several groups worldwide have set out to investigate this system. Our aim is to construct a "solid state nuclear clock", i.e. a frequency standard where Thorium ions are implanted into Calciumfluoride crystals transparent in vacuum ultraviolet range. As a first step towards an accurate determination of the exact energy and lifetime of this isomer state we perform low-resolution fluorescent spectroscopic measurements.

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