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Universität Wien   Quantum many-body effects in nanostructures
Quantum many-body effects in nanostructures - Andergassen Group
Quantum many-body effects in nanostructures – Andergassen Group


Quantum many-body effects in nanophysics

The research activities of our group focus on quantum many-body effects in nanostructures. The technological advancements in the nanoelectronic device fabrication stimulated the development of new functional device concepts as well as of new many-body techniques for their theoretical description. In recent years various renormalization-group approaches lead to significant progress in the understanding of correlated electron systems in and out of equilibrium. In particular, we investigate the many-body physics in quantum dots and wires and their characteristic signatures in the spectral and transport properties. The extension to more complex systems, and the analysis of correlation effects and their impact on the quantum coherence is of fundamental importance in view of technological implementations of quantum computing schemes and nanoelectronic applications.

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