A self-contained introduction to the basic theoretical concepts, experimental techniques and recent advances in the fields of quantum communication, quantum information and quantum computation. The introductory and self-contained character of the contributions should make this book particularly attractive to students and active researchers in physics and computer science who want to become acquainted with the underlying basic ideas and recent advances in the rapidly evolving field of quantum information processing.

Quantum Information
An Introduction to Basic Theoretical Concepts and Experiments
Series: Springer Tracts in Modern Physics , Vol. 173
Alber, G., Beth, T., Horodecki, M., Horodecki, P., Horodecki, R., Rötteler, M., Weinfurter, H., Werner, R., Zeilinger, A.
Springer 2001, XI, 216 p., 60 illus., Hardcover
ISBN: 978-3-540-41666-1

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