Effects of edge disorder in nanoscale antiferromagnetic clusters

Author(s): W. Zhang, W. Guo, L. Wang, K. H. Höglund, A. W. Sandvik

Journal: Phys. Rev. B

Volume: 82

Page(s): 012401

Year: 2010

DOI Number: 10.1103/PhysRevB.82.012401

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We study the distribution of local magnetic susceptibilities in the two-dimensional antiferromagnetic S=1/2 Heisenberg model on various random clusters in order to determine whether effects of edge disorder could be detected in NMR experiments (through the line shape, as given by the distribution of local Knight shifts). Although the effects depend strongly on the nature of the edge and the cluster size, our results indicate that line widths broader than the average shift should be expected even in clusters as large as ≈1000 lattice spacing in diameter. Experimental investigations of the NMR line width should give insights into the magnetic structure of the edges.

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