Realization of optical carpets in the Talbot and Talbot-Lau configurations

Author(s): W. B. Case, M. Tomandl, S. Deachapunya, M. Arndt

Journal: Optics Express

Volume: 17

Page(s): 20966 - 20974

Year: 2009

DOI Number: 10.1364/OE.17.020966

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Abstract: Talbot and Talbot-Lau effects are frequently used in lensless

imaging applications with light, ultrasound, x-rays, atoms and molecules –

generally in situations where refractive optical elements are non-existent or

not suitable. We here show an experimental visualization of the intriguing

wave patterns that are associated with near-field interferometry behind

a single periodic diffraction grating under plane wave illumination and

which are often referred to as Talbot carpets or quantum carpets. We

also show the patterns behind two separated diffraction gratings under

nearly-monochromatic but spatially incoherent illumination that illustrate

the nature of Talbot-Lau carpets.

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