How to create and detect N-dimensional entangled photons with an activephase hologram

Author(s): M. Stütz, S. Gröblacher, T. Jennewein, A. Zeilinger

Journal: Applied Physics Letters

Volume: 90

Page(s): 261114

Year: 2007

DOI Number: 10.1063/1.2752728

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The experimental realization of multidimensional quantum states may lead to unexplored and interesting physics, as well as advanced quantum communication protocols. The orbital angular momentum of photons is a well suitable discrete degree of freedom for implementing high-dimensional quantum systems. The standard method to generate and manipulate such photon modes is to use bulk and fixed optics. Here the authors demonstrate the utilization of a spatial light

modulator to manipulate the orbital angular momentum of entangled photons generated in spontaneous parametric downconversion. They show that their setup allows them to realize photonic entanglement of up to 21 dimensions, which in principle can be extended to even larger dimensions.


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