Spin physics in solid helium: experimental results and applications

Author(s): A. Weis, S. I. Kanorsky, M. Arndt, T. W. Hänsch

Journal: Z. Phys. B

Volume: 98

Page(s): 359-362

Year: 1995

DOI Number: 10.1007/BF01338405

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We have observed optical pumping signals from Cs atoms trapped in solid4He. While the longitudinal electronic spin relaxation timeT 1 is found to be in the range of 1–2 s, the transverse relaxation timeT 2, as inferred from magnetic resonance linewidths has a lower bound of 150 μs, and is determined by magnetic field inhomogeneities. We present a quantitative discussion of how paramagnetic species trapped in solid He might be used in a highly sensitive search for permanent atomic electric dipole moments.

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