Experimental quantum communication complexity

Author(s): P. Trojek, C. Schmid, M. Bourennane, Č. Brukner, M. Zukowski, H. Weinfurter

Journal: Physical Review A

Volume: 72

Page(s): 050305(R)

Year: 2005

DOI Number: 10.1103/PhysRevA.72.050305

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We prove that by communicating N−1 times a single qubit, instead of N−1 classical bits, the success probability for solving some N partner communication complexity tasks is strongly enhanced. The superiority, as measured by the quantum-to-classical fidelity ratio, of the quantum scheme grows exponentially with N. We report an experimental implementation of these tasks for N=5. Even without correcting for any inefficiencies of the state-of-the-art setup, our multiparty quantum protocol still outperforms the best classical protocols.

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