Correlations between outcomes of random measurements

Author(s): M.C. Tran, B. Dakić, W. Laskowski, T. Paterek

Journal: Physical Review A

Volume: 94

Year: 2016

DOI Number: 10.1103/PhysRevA.94.042302

Link: Link to publication


We recently showed that multipartite correlations between outcomes of random observables detect quantum entanglement in all pure and some mixed states. In this followup article we further develop this approach, derive a maximal amount of such correlations, and show that they are not monotonous under local operations and classical communication. Nevertheless, we demonstrate their usefulness in entanglement detection with a single random observable per party. Finally we study convex-roof extension of the correlations and provide a closed-form necessary and sufficient condition for entanglement in rank-2 mixed states and a witness in general.

Note: Issue 4

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