Perspectives for quantum interference with biomolecules and biomolecular clusters

Author(s): P. Geyer, U. Sezer, J. Rodewald, L. Mairhofer, N. Dörre, P. Haslinger, S. Eibenberger, C. Brand, M. Arndt

Journal: Physica Scripta

Volume: 91

Page(s): 12pp

Year: 2016

DOI Number: 10.1088/0031-8949/91/6/063007

Link: Link to publication


Modern quantum optics encompasses a wide field of phenomena that are either related to the discrete quantum nature of light, the quantum wave nature of matter or light–matter interactions. We here discuss new perspectives for quantum optics with biological nanoparticles. We focus in

particular on the prospects of matter-wave interferometry with amino acids, nucleotides, polypeptides or DNA strands. We motivate the challenge of preparing these objects in a ‘biomimetic`environment and argue that hydrated molecular beam sources are promising tools for quantum-assisted metrology. The method exploits the high sensitivity of matter-wave

interference fringes to dephasing and shifts in the presence of external perturbations to access and determine molecular properties.

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