Synthesis of Highly Fluoroalkyl-Functionalized Oligoporphyrin Systems

Author(s): L. Felix, U. Sezer, M. Arndt, M. Mayor

Journal: European Journal of Organic Chemistry

Volume: 2014

Page(s): 6884-6895

Year: 2014

DOI Number: 10.1002/ejoc.201402816

Link: Link to publication


Four different multiporphyrin systems have been synthesized and characterized. Highly fluoroalkyl-functionalized porphyrins are the most complex objects so far to have exhibited quantum wave nature. We have functionalized larger oligoporphyrin systems with fluoroalkyl chains to increase their mass and minimize their intermolecular interactions. The to-some-extent random substitution of fluorine atoms at the periphery of the oligoporphyrins results in libraries consisting of molecules varying in both the number and spatial distribution of substituents. The mass-selected individual members of these libraries were designed for quantum interference experiments. To investigate the volatilization nature of the molecules within the library, laser desorption and post-ionization studies were performed. These studies demonstrated that molecular beams of suitable velocity and ionization cross-section can be obtained from these libraries. In particular, we present these features for two libraries, based on either a tetrahedrally arranged central porphyrin tetramer or a more planar porphyrin pentamer.

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