Linear-optical generation of eigenstates of the two-site XY model

Author(s): S. Barz, B. Dakić, Y.-O. Lipp, F. Verstraete, J.D. Whitfield, P. Walther

Journal: Phys. Rev. X

Volume: 5

Page(s): 021010

Year: 2014

DOI Number: 10.1103/PhysRevX.5.021010

Link: Link to publication


Much of the anticipation accompanying the development of a quantum computer relates to its application to simulating dynamics of another quantum system of interest. Here, we study the building blocks for simulating quantum spin systems with linear optics. We experimentally generate the eigenstates of the XY Hamiltonian under an external magnetic field. The implemented quantum circuit consists of two cnot gates, which are realized experimentally by harnessing entanglement from a photon source and applying a cphase gate. We tune the ratio of coupling constants and the magnetic field by changing local parameters. This implementation of the XY model using linear quantum optics might open the door to future studies of quenching dynamics using linear optics.


Brukner Group Brukner Group , Verstraete Group , Walther Group