Magnetic Susceptibility as a Macrosopic Entaglement Witness

Author(s): M. Wieśniak, V. Vedral, Č. Brukner

Journal: New Journal of Physics

Volume: 7

Page(s): 258

Year: 2005

DOI Number: 10.1088/1367-2630/7/1/258

Link: Link to publication


We show that magnetic susceptibility can reveal spin entanglement between individual constituents of a solid, while magnetization describes their local properties. We then show that magnetization and its variance (equivalent to magnetic susceptibility for a wide class of systems) satisfy complementary relation in the quantum-mechanical sense. It describes sharing of (quantum) information in the solid between spin entanglement and local properties of its individual constituents. Magnetic susceptibility is shown to be a macroscopic (thermodynamical) spin entanglement witness that can be applied without complete knowledge of the specific model (Hamiltonian) of the solid.

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