Photonic architecture for scalable quantum information processing in NV-diamond

Author(s): K. Nemoto, Michael Trupke, S. Devitt, A. Stephens, K. Buczak, Tobias Nöbauer, M. Everitt, J. Schmiedmayer, W. J. Munro

Journal: Phys. Rev. X

Volume: 4

Page(s): 031022

Year: 2014

DOI Number: 10.1103/PhysRevX.4.031022

Link: Link to publication


Physics and information are intimately connected, and the ultimate information processing devices will be those that harness the principles of quantum mechanics. Many physical systems have been identified as candidates for quantum information processing, but none of them are immune from errors. The challenge remains to find a path from the experiments of today to a reliable and scalable quantum computer. Here, we develop an architecture based on a simple module comprising an optical cavity containing a single negatively charged nitrogen vacancy center in diamond. Modules are connected by photons propagating in a fiber-optical network and collectively used to generate a topological cluster state, a robust substrate for quantum information processing. In principle, all processes in the architecture can be deterministic, but current limitations lead to processes that are probabilistic but heralded. We find that the architecture enables large-scale quantum information processing with existing technology.


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