Optomechanical Schrödinger cats – a case for space

Author(s): R. Kaltenbaek, M. Aspelmeyer

Title of the book: Erwin Schrödinger - 50 years after

Editor(s): Wolfgang L. Reiter, Yngvason J.

Publisher: European Mathematical Society

Year of Publication: 2013

ISBN/DOI: 10.4171/121-1/6

Link: Link to publication


Quantum optomechanics exploits radiation pressure effects inside optical cavities. It can be used to generate quantum states of the center-of-mass motion of massive mechanical objects, thereby opening up a new parameter regime for macroscopic quantum experiments. The challenging experimental conditions to maintain and observe quantum coherence for increasingly large objects may require a space environment rather than an earth-bound laboratory. We introduce a possible space experiment to study the wave-packet expansion of massive objects. This forms the basis for Schrödinger cat states of unprecedented size and mass.

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