Towards Optomechanical Quantum State Reconstruction of Mechanical Motion

Author(s): M. R. Vanner, I. Pikovski, M. S. Kim

Journal: Ann. Phys.

Volume: 527

Page(s): 1406.1013

Year: 2014

DOI Number: 10.1002/andp.201400124

Link: Link to publication


Utilizing the tools of quantum optics to prepare and manipulate quantum states of motion of a mechanical resonator is currently one of the most promising routes to explore non-classicality at a macroscopic scale. An important quantum optomechanical tool yet to be experimentally demonstrated is the ability to perform complete quantum state reconstruction. Here, after providing a brief introduction to quantum states in phase space, we review and contrast the current proposals for state reconstruction of mechanical motional states and discuss experimental progress. Furthermore, we show that mechanical quadrature tomography using back-action-evading interactions gives an s-parameterized Wigner function where the numerical parameter s is directly related to the optomechanical measurement strength. We also discuss the effects of classical noise in the optical probe for both state reconstruction and state preparation by measurement.


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