Integrated Mach-Zehnder interferometer for Bose-Einstein condensates

Author(s): T. Berrada, S. Van Frank, Robert Bücker, Thorsten Schumm, Jean-Francois Schaff, J. Schmiedmayer

Journal: Nature communications

Volume: 4

Page(s): 2077

Year: 2013

DOI Number: 10.1038/ncomms3077

Link: Link to publication


Particle-wave duality enables the construction of interferometers for matter waves, which complement optical interferometers in precision measurement devices. This requires the development of atom-optics analogues to beam splitters, phase shifters and recombiners. Integrating these elements into a single device has been a long-standing goal. Here we demonstrate a full Mach–Zehnder sequence with trapped Bose–Einstein condensates confined on an atom chip. Particle interactions in our Bose–Einstein condensate matter waves lead to a nonlinearity, absent in photon optics. We exploit it to generate a non-classical state having reduced number fluctuations inside the interferometer. Making use of spatially separated wave packets, a controlled phase shift is applied and read out by a non-adiabatic matter-wave recombiner. We demonstrate coherence times a factor of three beyond what is expected for coherent states, highlighting the potential of entanglement as a resource for metrology. Our results pave the way for integrated quantum-enhanced matter-wave sensors.


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