Extensions of Bell Theorem: Experiment Involving Independent Sources in "Event-Ready" Configuration

Author(s): M. Zukowski, A. Zeilinger, M. A. Horne, A. K. Ekert

Title of the book: Fundamental Theories of Physics

Editor(s): Ferrero M., Merwe, A. van der

Publisher: Springer

Year of Publication: 1995

ISBN/DOI: 10.1007/978-94-015-8529-3_36

Link: Link to publication


With two independent parametric down-converters one can realize an “event-ready” Bell-EPR experiment. Monitoring for sharply coincident idlers results in entangling and pre-selecting the independent signals, which are then fed into an interferometric setup. We give the general conditions for high visibility and particle collection efficiency for Bell-type experiments involving two independent sources. These ideas can also lead to a realizable GHZ experiment.

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