Comment on "Two Fundamental Experimental Tests of Nonclassicality with Qutrits"

Author(s): R. Lapkiewicz, C. Schaeff, N. K. Langford, S. Ramelow, M. Wieśniak, A. Zeilinger

Journal: arXiv: quant-ph

Page(s): 1305.5529

Year: 2013

DOI Number: -

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In a recent paper [arXiv:1301.2887] Ahrens et al. claim that our "(...) experiment on qutrits does not test Klyachko et al.'s inequality, but an inequality with extra correlations" and that the "(...) experiment cannot be considered a proper test of a noncontextuality inequality, since the same observable is measured with different setups in different contexts". We disagree with these claims. In this note we briefly re-state how our test of the non-contextuality inequality was constructed. We explain how we keep the context of measurements when switching between different terms of the tested inequality, and we argue that we did in fact test the Klyachko, Can, Binicioglu and Shumovsky inequality. In doing so, we also clarify why our experiment is indeed a proper test of noncontextual realism.

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