The Oxford Questions on the foundations of quantum physics

Author(s): A. Zeilinger, J. N. Butterfield, G. A. D. Briggs

Journal: Proc. R. Soc. A

Volume: 469

Page(s): 20130299

Year: 2013

DOI Number: 10.1098/rspa.2013.0299

Link: Link to publication


The twentieth century saw two fundamental revolutions in physics -- relativity and quantum. Daily use of these theories can numb the sense of wonder at their immense empirical success. Does their instrumental effectiveness stand on the rock of secure concepts or the sand of unresolved fundamentals? Does measuring a quantum system probe, or even create, reality, or merely change belief? Must relativity and quantum theory just co-exist or might we find a new theory which unifies the two? To bring such questions into sharper focus, we convened a conference on Quantum Physics and the Nature of Reality. Some issues remain as controversial as ever, but some are being nudged by theory's secret weapon of experiment.


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