Tapered fiber coupling of single photons emitted by a deterministically positioned single nitrogen vacancy center

Author(s): L. Liebermeister, F. Petersen, A. v. Münchow, D. Burchardt, J. Hermelbracht, T. Tashima, A.W. Schell, O. Benson, T. Meinhardt, A. Krueger, A. Stiebeiner, A. Rauschenbeutel, H. Weinfurter, M. Weber

Journal: Applied Physics Letters

Volume: 104

Page(s): 031101

Year: 2013

DOI Number: 10.1063/1.4862207

Link: Link to publication


A diamond nano-crystal hosting a single nitrogen vacancy (NV) center is optically selected with a confocal scanning microscope and positioned deterministically onto the subwavelength-diameter waist of a tapered optical fiber (TOF) with the help of an atomic force microscope. Based on this nano-manipulation technique we experimentally demonstrate the evanescent coupling of single fluorescence photons emitted by a single NV-center to the guided mode of the TOF. By comparing photon count rates of the fiber-guided and the free-space modes and by analyzing the second-order correlation function of the fluorescence light, we determine a coupling efficiency of (8.1±0.6) . Our results are a promising starting point for future integration of single photon sources into photonic quantum networks and applications in quantum information science.

Note: http://arxiv.org/abs/1309.0421

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