Parametric oscillation of a moving mirror driven by radiation pressure in a superconducting Fabry–Perot resonator system

Author(s): R.Y. Chiao, S.J. Minter, L.A. Martinez, A. Trubarov

Journal: Physica Scripta

Volume: 2012

Page(s): 014073

Year: 2012

DOI Number: 10.1088/0031-8949/2012/T151/014073

Link: Link to publication


A moving pellicle superconducting mirror, which is driven by radiation pressure on its one side and the Coulomb force on its other side, can become a parametric oscillator that can generate microwaves when placed within a high-Q superconducting Fabry–Perot resonator system. A paraxial-wave analysis shows that the fundamental resonator eigenmode needed for parametric oscillation is the TM011 mode. A double Fabry–Perot structure is introduced to resonate the pump and idler modes, but reject the parasitic anti-Stokes mode. The threshold for oscillation is estimated based on the radiation–pressure coupling of the pump to the signal and idler modes and indicates that the experiment is feasible to perform.


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