Real time evolution at finite temperatures with operator space matrix product states

Author(s): I. Pižorn, V. Eisler, S. Andergassen, M. Troyer

Journal: New J. Phys.

Volume: 16

Page(s): 10

Year: 2014

DOI Number: 10.1088/1367-2630/16/7/073007

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We propose a method to simulate the real time evolution of one-dimensional quantum many-body systems at finite temperature by expressing both the density matrices and the observables as matrix product states. This allows the calculation of expectation values and correlation functions as scalar products in operator space. The simulations of density matrices in inverse temperature and the local operators in the Heisenberg picture are independent and result in a grid of expectation values for all intermediate temperatures and times. Simulations can be performed using real arithmetics with only polynomial growth of computational resources in inverse temperature and time for integrable systems. The method is illustrated for the XXZ model and the single impurity Anderson model.


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