Experimental Realization of Interaction-Free Measurement

Author(s): P. G. Kwiat, H. Weinfurter, T. J. Herzog, A. Zeilinger, M. Kasevich

Title of the book: Fundamental Problems in Quantum Theory

Editor(s): Greenberger D., Zeilinger A.

Publisher: Editions Frontières

Year of Publication: 1994



We have demonstrated experimentally that one can ascertain the presence of an object inside an interferometer without interacting with it. The simplest scheme uses photons incident on a Michelson interferometer. With a 50-50 beam splitter, 33% of the measurements can be interaction-free. We also propose a novel scheme in which the fraction of interaction-free measurements can be arbitrarily close to 1. In the new scheme we interrogate the region with the object many times, but only weakly.

Note: ISBN 2-86332-169-2reprinted in 1995 in Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences

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