Entangled singularity patterns of photons in Ince-Gauss modes

Author(s): M. Krenn, R. Fickler, M. Huber, R. Lapkiewicz, W.N. Plick, S. Ramelow, A. Zeilinger

Journal: Physical Review A

Volume: 87

Page(s): 012326

Year: 2013

DOI Number: 10.1103/PhysRevA.87.012326

Link: Link to publication


Photons with complex spatial mode structures open up possibilities for new fundamental high-dimensional quantum experiments and for novel quantum information tasks. Here we show entanglement of photons with complex vortex and singularity patterns called Ince-Gauss modes. In these modes, the position and number of singularities vary depending on the mode parameters. We verify two-dimensional and three-dimensional entanglement of Ince-Gauss modes. By measuring one photon and thereby defining its singularity pattern, we nonlocally steer the singularity structure of its entangled partner, while the initial singularity structure of the photons is undefined. In addition we measure an Ince-Gauss specific quantum-correlation function with possible use in future quantum communication protocols.

Note: http://arxiv.org/abs/1205.2514

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