Renormalization group analysis of a spin-1 Kondo dot: Nonequilibrium transport and relaxation dynamics

Author(s): C.B.M. Hörig, D. Schuricht, S. Andergassen

Journal: Phys. Rev. B

Volume: 85

Page(s): 054418

Year: 2012

DOI Number: 10.1103/PhysRevB.85.054418

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We study nonequilibrium transport through a spin-1 Kondo dot in a local magnetic field. To this end we perform a two-loop renormalization group analysis in the weak-coupling regime yielding analytic results for (i) the renormalized magnetic field and the g factor, (ii) the time evolution of observables and the relevant decay rates, (iii) the magnetization and anisotropy, and (iv) the current and differential conductance in the stationary state. In particular, we find that compared to a spin-1/2 Kondo dot there exist three additional decay rates resulting in an enhanced broadening of the logarithmic features observed in stationary quantities. Additionally, we study the effect of anisotropic couplings between reservoir and impurity spin.


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