QuPoN 2015

22. Jan 2015  — In the week of 18-22 May 2015 the international conference "Quantum Physics of Nature 2015" at the University of Vienna will celebrate cutting-edge research in quantum science.

QuPoN 2015

During this week, we will mark:

  • The University of Vienna's 650th anniversary.
  • The Faculty of Physics' 165th anniversary.
  • The Vienna Center for Quantum Science and Technology's (VCQ) 5th anniversary
  • The UNESCO declared 2015 to be the "International Year of Light"

Vienna will be an international hotspot of quantum science, with scientists at the forefront of research discussing their work at the interface between the foundations of quantum physics and advanced quantum technologies.

Our questions focus on topics such as: which foundations of quantum science will be most relevant for future technologies, such as quantum computing, quantum cryptography and communication, quantum simulaton or quantum sensing. And: what is the role and our understanding of locality, reality and time?

For further information, please visit: qupon2015.univie.ac.at