Molecules make quantum movie premiere

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10. May 2012  — CoQuS research on the cover of Nature Nanotechnology, May 2012 Volume 7 No 5!

Molecules make quantum movie premiere

"The observation of interference patterns in double-slit experiments with massive particles is generally regarded as the ultimate demonstration of the quantum nature of these particles. Moreover, unlike what happens in classical physics, it is possible to watch the build up of the pattern as the particles arrive at the detector one by one. Now researchers from Vienna, Tel Aviv and Basel have used a combination of nanofabrication and nanoimaging to record these patterns building up in real time for molecules with a mass of 1,298 amu, which is a new record for such experiments, and 514 amu (see cover; image measures 320 μm across). Last year many of the same researchers observed quantum interference of even heavier molecules (6,910 amu) but did not record the build up of the interference pattern in those experiments." (source:


The article "Real-time single-molecule imaging of quantum interference" can be found at:

News & Views "Fundamental physics: Molecules star in quantum movie" by Bum Suk Zhao & Wieland Schöllkopf can be found at: