Stefan Nimmrichter awarded for best Diploma Thesis

04. Jul 2008  — Stefan Nimmrichter awarded by the alumni association "Freunde und Förder der Physik an der TU München e.V." for the best theoretical Diploma Thesis in 2008

This thesis develops a self-contained general theory of the coherent Talbot-Lau effect in near field matter wave interferometry. The Wigner-Weyl phase space formulation of quantum mechanics serves as the framework of the formulation, which admits a realistic description of the Talbot-Lau experiment. This includes in particular the proper incorporation of the interaction between matter wave and diffraction grating, which strongly influences the interference effect.
Specifically, a straightforward numerical approach and a semiclassical scattering theory approach to extend the commonly used eikonal approximation of the grating interaction are developed and numerically analyzed. This serves to validate the common eikonal approximation in the semiclassical longitudinal high-energy regime and indicates under which conditions the eikonal approximation ceases to be valid.


The Publication of "Theory of near-field matter wave interference beyond the eikonal approximation" presents the results of the Diploma Thesis.