Hermann Kümmel Award to Frank Verstraete

16. Jul 2007  — The International Advisory Committee of the International Conferences Series on Recent Progress in Many-Body Theories awarded the 2007 HERMANN KÜMMEL EARLY ACHIEVEMENT AWARD IN MANY-BODY PHYSICS to Professor Frank Verstraete.

Hermann Kümmel Award to Frank Verstraete

This award honors Prof. Kümmel's long and distinguished career as a leader in the field of many-body physics and as a mentor of younger generations of many-body physicists.

Prof. Verstraete receives the award "for his pioneering work on the use of quantum information and entanglement theory in formulating new and powerful numerical simulation methods for use in strongly correlated systems, stochastic nonequilibrium systems, and strongly coupled quantum field theories."

The inaugural award will be presented to Prof. Verstraete at the 14th International Conference on Recent Progress in Many-Body Theories, to be held in Barcelona, Spain, 16-20 July 2007.

Further information: http://www.qmbt.org/Kuemmel/index.php?doc=KuemmelAward