Doctor Honoris Causa to Anton Zeilinger and Charles Bennett

12. Oct 2005  — The Senate of University of Gdansk (Poland) has awarded professors Charles H.Bennett and Anton Zeilinger Doctor Honoris Causa degrees. The formal ceremony was on October 12th, 2006.

Doctor Honoris Causa to Anton Zeilinger and Charles Bennett

The two outstanding scientist had a very big influence on the development of a new brand of science -- quantum information. They both symbolize the initial inspiration and insight that led to this development.

Prof. Bennett worked on the link of physics with computer science. He wrote pioneering works on reversibility of classical computation, 1970's, and about quantum cryptography, 1980's. In 1990's he co-authored the fundamental works on teleportation, distillation of entanglement and dense coding, which are considered by now classic of the field. His ideas inspired many research works done in Gdansk.

Prof. Zeilinger is an experimentalist, who is interested in the foundations of quantum theory. Thanks to his work with Greenberger and Horne in 1989, new realm of strictly quantum, paradoxical phenomena was discovered. These are now known as GHZ correlations.
Later Zeilinger, in collaboration with Gdansk, hammered out the principles which are to be followed in optical experiments involving entanglement of more then two photons. This led to a series of stunning experiments in which his group was able to realize many theoretical ideas of quantum information, including the ideas of Bennett and his collaborators. He is also a pioneer in molecular interferometry.

The most famous experiment in quantum information links the names of Bennett and Zeilinger. Bennett co-authored the theoretical discovery of the teleportation process, whereas 4 years later the Zeilinger Group has demonstrated the first realization of the process.
Both scientist can be thought of as icons of the two complementary sides of quantum information research, that is creation of theoretical ideas, and their laboratory realizations.