Insight: Foundations of quantum mechanics

Workgroup Arndt Group , Brukner Group

11. Apr 2014  — Contributions by Markus Arndt and Caslav Brukner to Nature Physics Insight

Insight: Foundations of quantum mechanics

Over the past two decades, the fields of quantum information theory and quantum technology have emerged and matured.

The state-of-the-art theoretical and experimental tools developed in this context make it possible to revisit the very foundations of quantum theory and explore the Terra Incognita that may lie beyond. In this Insight we survey recent trends in the study of the foundations of quantum mechanics: from expanding or even rethinking quantum theory, to ambitious new experiments that will seek the elusive effects of quantum gravity.

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Markus Arndt & Klaus Hornberger

Review article: Testing the limits of quantum mechanical superpositions

Nature Physics Insight issue: 10, (4) 271-277 (2014)


Caslav Brukner

Progress article: Quantum causality

Nature Physics Insight issue: 10, (4) 259 - 263 (2014)