Optical Metamaterials: Negative Refraction, Super-lens and Plasmon Lasers

15 01/2014

Wednesday, 15 Jan. 2014, 09:36 - Mon, 20 Jan. 2014, 23:36

Presenter: Xiang Zhang
Host: Philip Walther
Where: Ernst-Mach Lecture Hall




The Vienna Doctoral Programme on Complex Quantum Systems

invites to a



Xiang Zhang

NSF Nano-scale Science and Engineering Center (NSEC)

University of California, Berkeley


Optical Metamaterials:

Negative Refraction, Super-lens and Plasmon Lasers



Recent theory predicted a new class of photonic composite materials with its properties derived from the structure rather than chemical compositions, which promise unprecedented electromagnetic properties that do not exist in nature such as optical magnetism and negative refraction. For example, a superlens made of metamaterials can break the fundamental diffraction limit in optical imaging, which may have profound impact on a wide range of applications such as nano-scale photonics, electronics manufacturing, and biomedical imaging.


I’ll discuss recent progress that demonstrated such intriguing physics. We created the first bulk optical metamaterials that show the negative refraction. We demonstrated the superlens and optical cloak using carefully designed plasmonic material dispersions. Scaling down photonics beyond the diffraction limit is the key to driving the exponential growth of information technology. I will discuss new strategies for nano-scale photonics including indefinite cavity, plasmonic waveguide and lasers--a coherent light at molecular scale. Finally, I will present 22nm superlens lithography technology that may transform the next generation of nano-manufacturing.



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Monday, January 20th, 2014

17:30 s.t.


Ernst Mach Hörsaal, 2nd floor

Boltzmanngasse 5, 1090 Vienna

The seminar talk will be preceded by a CoQuS Student talk at 17:00 s.t.

"Growing of (thorium-doped) calcium fluoride crystals for a solid-state nuclear clock"
Matthias Schreitl
Hosted by: Philip Walther