On quantum-algorithmic quantum simulation

25 07/2013

Thursday, 25 Jul. 2013, 11:00 - 12:00

Presenter: Prof. Barry Sanders - University of Calgary
Host: P. Walther
Where: Ernst-Mach Hörsaal, 2nd floor Strudlhofg. 4, 1090 Vienna

I present an historical account of quantum simulator research since Feynman’s proposal of a universal quantum simulator and Deutsch’s quantum Turing machine for implementing quantum computation. Then we delve into the essence of quantum algorithms for realizing universal quantum simulation based on Trotter-Suzuki expansions and the assumption of sparse Hamiltonians. Simulations of n-qubit k-local Hamiltonians are amenable to highly efficient quantum-circuit constructions. Time-dependent Hamiltonian evolution poses special challenges but also great benefits such as adiabatic state generation. Finally we will explore experimental developments.