Quantum mechanics with exotic causal structure

19 04/2013

Friday, 19 Apr. 2013, 12:30 - 13:30

Presenter: Jacques Pienaar, The University of Queensland
Host: C. Brukner
Where: IQOQI, Seminarraum, 2nd Floor

The Quantum mechanics is traditionally formulated in a classical spacetime background, which places constraints on the causal relationships that are possible between events. However, quantum gravity indicates that this classical background must be replaced by some more fundamental structure at the Planck scale. While this theory remains elusive, it is natural to ask whether this structure should continue to respect the usual laws of causality, or whether more exotic causal relationships are possible. I will give an overview of the work done in my PhD thesis on the formulation of a logically consistent model of causality violation. As topics for future work I will discuss the possible connection between causality and the linearity of quantum dynamics and the status of `indefinite' causal structures that do not contain causal loops.