From macroscopic quantum superposition to nonreciprocal quantum state conversion in cavity optomechanics

3 10/2016

Monday, 03 Oct. 2016, 14:30 - 15:30

Workgroup Aspelmeyer Group

Presenter: Lin Tian; University of California, Merced, USA
Host: M. Aspelmeyer
Where: Schrödingerroom, 4th Floor, Boltzmanngasse 5, 1090 Vienna

Abstract: Recent advances in the micro-fabrication technology have enabled the study of nanoscale mechanical systems with ultrahigh quality factor. Such systems, when prepared in the quantum limit, can be used to study macroscopic quantum effects as well as serve as a quantum interface in hybrid quantum networks. Here I'll present our recent proposal on the generation of superpositions of macroscopically distinct quantum states in a mechanical system. Then, I'll discuss the nonreciprocal quantum state transfer between microwave and optical photons via an optomechanical interface. Our scheme is robust against thermal fluctuations in the mechanical mode.