X-Ray Waveguide Optics for Laboratory Sources

14 04/2016

Thursday, 14 Apr. 2016, 12:00 - 13:00

Presenter: Enno Fischer; University of Cambridge, UK
Host: M. Aspelmeyer
Where: Schrödingerroom, 4th Floor, Boltzmanngasse 5, 1090 Wien

Dielectric waveguides have for a long time been used in the regime of visible light (e.g. optical fibers). The extension of the waveguide principle to the X-Ray regime opened the route to waveguide based X-Ray imaging. One particular type of X-Ray waveguides are resonant beam couplers (RBCs). In RBCs X-Rays are coupled to the waveguide through a very thin cladding layer. With RBCs highly intense and coherent X-Ray beams with a spotsize of 10 - 100 nm can be produced. Thereby major constraints in the X-Ray imaging of biological macromolecules can be challenged.

In my talk I will first give a brief introduction to the main principles of X-Ray waveguide optics and resonant beam coupling. Secondly, I will present an experimental setup for the investigation of particular waveguide configurations at a laboratory X-ray source. Finally, I will present some major results of these investigations.