Diamond photonics & phononics: creating interfaces for colour centres in diamond

12 10/2015

Monday, 12 Oct. 2015, 17:30 - 18:30

Presenter: Christoph Becher
Host: Ivette Fuentes
Where: Ernst-Mach Hörsaal, 2. Stck., Strudlhofgasse 4, 1090 Wien

The coupling of single colour centres in diamond to photons and phonons is considered an important step towards integrated solid-state devices for quantum information processing and quantum sensing.

For interfacing to photons I will present two routes for the deterministic coupling of single nitrogen- (NV) or silicon-vacancy (SiV) centres to optical cavities at the micro- and nano-scale using either fiber-based, tunable, Fabry-Perot-type resonators or photonic crystal cavities directly fabricated in the diamond material. We observe channeling of the spontaneous emission into the cavity modes, paving the way for a high-speed single photon sources and optical interfaces for quantum information.

Additional coupling to phonons can be achieved using a photonic and phononic crystal (phoxonic crystal, PxC) which is a periodically patterned material that at the same time localizes optical and mechanical modes. The simultaneous confinement of photons and phonons gives rise to optomechanical nano-resonators offering strong phonon-photon coupling and integration of acoustic and optical functionalities on the same chip. At the same time, the strongly localized mechanical modes result in very high dynamical strain fields. Adding an active solid-state spin system or optical emitter to the system introduces yet another functionality allowing for mutual coupling of optical, mechanical and internal (spin, electronic) degrees of freedom.