From Quantum Repeaters to Quantum Magnetomechanics?

4 03/2015

Wednesday, 04 Mar. 2015, 14:00 - 15:00

Presenter: Joshua Slater (University of Vienna, Austria)
Host: VCQ
Where: IQOQI-Seminarroom, Boltzmanngasse 3, 3rd floor, 1090 Vienna

Abstract: In this talk I present an brief overview of my Ph.D. scientific research, which focused on long-distance quantum communication, as well as my current and future plans. First, I will present two experiments on quantum repeaters, which aim to overcome limitations in quantum communication due to photon loss, that are based on photon-echoes in rare-earth-ion quantum memories. These include a new architecture based on frequency-multiplexing quantum communication.

Second, I will present a demonstration of a novel quantum key distribution protocol that provides security against any eavesdropping attack exploiting vulnerabilities of single-photon detectors. Our experiments are deployed across the city of Calgary and also provide an important step towards functioning quantum repeaters.  Lastly, I will discuss my current work, which aims to experimentally explore a new area of macroscopic quantum physics.  By exploiting magnetic levitation of micro-scale superconducting objects we aim to enter a previously inaccessible regime (in terms of mass) to explore fundamental physics.