Investigating the Quantum Speed Limit with the Human Mind

30 01/2015

Friday, 30 Jan. 2015, 15:30 - 19:00

Workgroup Schmiedmayer Group

Presenter: Jens Jakob Sørensen
Host: J. Schmiedmayer
Where: Atominstitut, Seminarraum

Many problems in optimal control theory (OCT) and optimization in general are intractable due the overwhelming dimensionality of the optimization space. However, cognitive science has shown that humans routinely solve such problems by forming simple heuristic algorithms. This talk is about the Quantum Moves project, which attempts to bridge this gap by presenting OCT problems as a game. The best players explore solutions, which outperform modern OCT algorithms. Combination of the players' solutions with numerical methods creates a hybrid optimization algorithm generating superior results. Analysis of hybrid results has led to new insight in the formulation of efficient search strategies in complex optimization landscapes and, in particular, into the nature of the Quantum Speed Limit appearing in optimization problems with time constraints.