Interfacing single photons and condensed-matter systems

7 04/2014

Monday, 07 Apr. 2014, 17:30 - 19:00

Presenter: Atac Imamoglu
Host: Peter Rabl
Where: ATI, Lecture Hall, Stadionallee 2, Wien

There are two complementary approaches for investigating quantum optical
phenomena in the solid-state. The first approach exploits the superior optical properties
of solid-state emitters and the possibility of integrating them in photonic nanostructures, for realizing indistinguishable single-photon sources, all-optical spin manipulation as well as demonstration of a quantum interface between flying photonic qubits and stationary spin qubits. The second approach uses quantum optical techniques such as cavity quantum electrodynamics or photon correlation measurements as novel
spectroscopic tools for studying many-body phenomena such as the Fermi-edge
singularity or the quantum Hall effect. In this talk, I will describe recent experiments
addressing these new frontiers at the intersection of quantum optics, condensed-matter physics and quantum information processing.